Products of the week!

These are our 2 new fav new products at Emma for Beauty this week ! If you want a mascara that doesn't leave you with panda eyes,is water resistant ,doesn't run,no smudging or transfer onto the skin,great for sensitive eyes,safe to use with eyelash extensions,contains 3 powerful growth ingredients for the lashes,and has a duel functioning brush for volume and length! The Poni white knight mascara is for you! $39.99 .Do you have short stumpy lashes or thin eyebrows and wish you had more growth? Poni cosmetics Lash and brow serum contains citric acid,green tea extract,vitamin A ,biotin and lots of other goodies to promote healthy brow and lash growth. Have lush long lashes or beautiful brows in just 6-8 weeks! $74.99


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