Winter beauty tips and tricks for dry skin!

Have you got Dry Lips??

Well this little tip will get rid of this. If you grab your tooth brush and gently rotate your brush over your lips to remove the dry layer ,then apply a layer of Chapsticks conditioner lip balm which also has an SPF 15 in it to protect from those harmful rays . Whala ! you now have smooth kissy lips x

Dry skin?

Sloth away those dead skin cells .
Body Scrub
Mix together white sugar ,olive oil ,and and little vanilla essence and you will then have your very own homemade body scrub! Do not use this one on your face it's too course.

FACT - Did you know Exfoliating is one of the most important parts of your daily skin care routine. If you don't exfoliate your skin will keep producing skin cells and the old skin cells will die and stay sitting on the top layer of the skin making your skin appear dull and lifeless. If you moisturise on the top of dead skin cells it will not penetrate into the skin as it would do if you exfoliate. If your face has a build-up of dead skin cells this can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne

Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. In short, a regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Recommended face exfoliants at Emma for Beauty

Daily Microfoliant

Award winning Daily Micro is a Gentle, daily use exfoliating powder for all skin conditions. This unique rice-based powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, which helps balance uneven skin pigmentation and instantly leaves skin smoother and brighter. $99

Recommended to use daily

Skin Prep scrub
A skin polishing scrub for all skin conditions. Finely-granulated Corn Cob Meal gently removes dulling surface debris, allowing for improved absorption of moisturising treatments. $65
Recommended to use 1-2 times a week

Don't forget to moisturise

When we wash our faces, we strip this oily coating off our skin. This makes us more susceptible to allergens and antigens (unwelcome, foreign microscopic bodies). It also leaves our skin exposed to the irritating, prematurely aging and even painful effects of the elements, pollution and cigarette smoke. By cleansing our faces with a facial cleanser (NOT SOAP) and then applying a layer of moisturizer (which also fills in tiny cracks in our skin's defenses), we help keep our skin hydrated, healthy and attractive.

What if I have oily or combination skin do I still moisturise ????

Some woman and many teenages think cleansing is the only answer if they have oily combination skin. Don't get me wrong this step is ideal for removing excess oil ,grime after your big day ,but over cleansing will strip the skin resulting in your face producing more oil to compensate the oil you have taken out of the skin and this is when you will get acne! Moisturising the face is for all skin types .

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