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Feel the Vibes

So how do you decide on the music you’re going to play?

That’s been the most popular question asked of Georgia Carr of Sergeant Mouse and Emma Dixon of Emma for Beauty since they’ve combined forces to open their doors downtown.

It’s a match made in Wanaka that has taken time in the making. Georgia, who started hairdressing in Dunedin and arrived in Wanaka via seven years as a barber in Melbourne, opened Sergeant Mouse on April Fools Day 2016, upstairs in the Proactive Gym, cutting hair to the soundtrack of gymbodies pushing weights along the corridor and fitness classes next door.

Emma has been in the beauty industry for fifteen years. She used to ‘do beauty’ from home in Albert Town. She built up her client base slowly while “cleaning the dunnies at the daycare centre.” Building up her family too, she’d just had her third baby when she made the brave move into town to the current premises at Pembroke Mall.

Georgia came along to get her eyebrows done. Emma started going to see Georgia to get her hair cut. When Emma decided she needed to work on her work-life-space-balance, she knew exactly who to call and an an idea to share the downtown space was born.  They both knew the music question wouldn’t be a worry since they’d been bumping into each other at gigs over the summer of 2017.

It’s been a journey to get the space looking right, with the two businesses not amalgamating, but running side by side. The welcome mat says ‘Good Vibes Only’ and that’s what you get. Georgia still has her eclectic photo wall and Emma has an open social area and a closed-off treatment room. They have a lot of clients and friends in common anyway, so although the grand opening is yet to take place, there’s already a buzz about it. The idea, Emma says, is to “have a shared space that people feel like they can come in and say hi as well as come for treatments. We’re going to get some outdoor furniture in the summer and we’re looking forward to people coming along and checking us out.”

So what’s the soundtrack to all this creativity? Whoever gets in first in the morning gets to decide but there are common choices -  De La Soul, Fat Freddies Drop, Ladi 6, Shapeshifter, DubFX. Georgia and Emma are in agreement too about what’s never going to make the playlist. “No spa music, no cheesy on-the-charts stuff and definitely no pan pipes.”

Article written by : Liz Breslin

For more information:

Emma Dixon 03 443 6392




Georgia Carr 021 155 1105




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