Wedding Make-up in Wanaka & Queenstown

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Bridal make-up Trial
In order to ensure that you are 100% confident with the outcome for your wedding day, it is strongly advised to do a pre - wedding trial of your make-up The trial is also an opportunity for you to get to know us and we to get to know you. An honest discussion about what you want to achieve will allow me to provide the best professional advice for your make-up requirements.

Air brush Make-up

Using a small stainless steel air gun, the size of a pen, microdots of colour are gently sprayed onto the face to even out your skin tone. Airbrushed make-up gives you the appearance of radiant, healthy skin instead of that "make-up look." Airbrushing is applied until the skin looks flawless, rather than to the point of makeup being visible. Scars and tattoos can also disappear for the day. The result is a flawless finish that compliments your natural complexion without of the feeling of wearing makeup.

Whilst being applied, airbrushing feels like a light moist breeze. Wrinkles and imperfections can be minimised and tattoos and scars can disappear for the day. This product is hypo-allergenic, lasts up to 12 hours in the heat and gives fantastic results that can't be readily achieved with traditional make-up.

Young Blood Mineral Make-up From the moment it is applied with brushes, you will notice a silky and natural feel, unlike any other makeup you've ever tried. Clean and lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe and is non-comedogenic (it won't block pores or cause irritation).

Makeup gallery

We also offer Bridal pamper parties if you would like to have your nails & tanning done before the big day. If you are booking in for both pre - wedding treatments & make-up on the day we can customise a discounted package for you.


Call out fees


Cardrona $75
Hawea $50
Queenstown $150 
Alexandra and Clyde
Glendhu Bay

All makeup and hair prices are inclusive of GST

Bridal make-up Trial (60 minute makeup consultation and application)$125
Bridal (wedding day)$135
Mother of the bride or groom

Special occasion$100
Photo shoot From
Flower Girl
$ 20 

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